Bulldogs miss CIF Playoffs for the first time since 1998

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It’s official. West Covina will miss the post-season this year.

The Bulldogs needed to beat Charter Oak last week in order to stay in the playoff race. Unfortunately, the top seeded Chargers had other plans and crushed the Bulldog’s playoff hopes with a 49-14 victory.

One can say that the Bulldogs did not deserve to be in the playoffs with their porous defense,and that is a valid argument. But you never know when you can really “jell” at the right time. For example, all you have to do is look at last year’s Los Altos team. Los Altos finished 3rd in the Hacienda League, yet made it all the way to the  Central Division Championship Game (losing to Colony).

Tough non-league for Bulldogs? Of course it was !

Despite this being a disappointing season in terms of games won, there is one thing the Bulldogs can proudly say they don’t do. What I am referring to is scheduling weak opponents in the pre-season (aka, non-league games) just to pad their win record.

To prove this point, every non-league team the Bulldogs played this season made it to the playoffs. Here is the list of teams (division in parenthesis).

  • Colony   (Central)
  • St. Francis  (Southeast)
  • South Hills  (Central)
  • Tesoro  (West Valley)
  • Santa Fe  (Southeast)

West Covina defeated two of these teams (South Hills, Santa Fe) and was very competitive in two other games (Colony, St. Francis).

In closing out this season, I want to say good luck to the seniors, and keep working hard to the underclassmen. West Covina Football will rise to the top again.


Friday Night Lights-Will they stay on for the Bulldogs after Charter Oak?


The Bulldog’s inability to stop the Los Altos running game last week has put them in a very tough spot when it comes to making the playoffs.

West Covina must now beat the (Hacienda League Champion) Charter Oak Chargers on their home field. The Chargers have already wrapped up the league title by virtue of West Covina and Diamond Ranch both losing last week.

Does Charter Oak even need to win this game?

In the National Football League, a team that has already determined where they will be in the playoffs by the final week will usually rest some starters.

There is a good chance they will not play as intensely as they usually do, which will  give its opponent a better shot at defeating them.

But this is not the NFL.

The Chargers will have several things to play for;

  • A win vs the Bulldogs should guarantee them the top seed in the playoffs.
  • The top seed in the playoffs plays the “worst” team in Round One.
  • The Chargers have a chance to knock the Bulldogs out of the playoffs.
  • Head Coach Lou Farrar loves beating West Covina.
  • Nobody likes losing at home.

Should the Bulldogs defeat the Chargers, they may still have to survive a coin-flip to automatically get into the playoffs. (Don’t hold me to the coin-flip scenario, but unless league policy has changed, this would be the case).

The likely scenario if the Bulldogs win Friday.

West Covina, Diamond Ranch or Los Altos, and Chino would all be tied with a 3-2 league record. And since there is no clear-cut “head to head” tie-breaker, a coin flip will decide the two teams that enter the playoffs.

The Diamond Ranch/ Los Altos game means everything to them, but little to the Bulldogs. One of those teams will tie for 2nd in league, it does not matter to West Covina who wins that game.

There is one team that can help the Bulldogs. The Walnut Mustangs.

If Chino loses to Walnut, then the winner of the Diamond Ranch/Los Altos game will be the 2nd place team in the league, with the Bulldogs taking 3rd.*

The reason being that the Bulldogs have lost to both Los Altos and Diamond Ranch.

What a great scenario that would be. Now for the bad news. Chino is not losing to Walnut. That would be much more of an upset than the Bulldogs over Charter Oak.

One can still hope. Go Bulldogs!

*There are three automatic playoff teams in the Hacienda League.


Thoughts on the WCUSD Candidates answers to my Bulldog Football questions

Today is election day for the School Board of West Covina. Three seats are up for grabs as six candidates battle for the spots.

Early last week, I had this idea of asking all six candidates three questions regarding high school football at West Covina. Here is my post on this if you would like to know the questions.

After reading their answers many times over, I have decided to post the answers I liked best.

Now before I begin this, I want to thank all the candidates for participating. I really was impressed by their cooperation. Keep in mind, I do not know any of these fine people personally.

Here are the responses I liked in order of preference, along with my comments.

Brenda Martinez     The top spot was tough, but I thought her answer to question #3 was really detailed and spot on. Many changes need to be made physically to Thyberg Field. Thanks Brenda.

Daniel Monarrez   Mr. Monarrez also touched on an improvement that needs to be addressed at Thyberg Field. I feel that Mr. Monarrez is also committed to keeping Bulldog Football as strong as possible. Although I will take exception to a statement of his…*my thoughts on this quote are at the bottom of this post.

“I really enjoyed seeing the high number of alumni and staff/faculty members that were present and how they were allowed to be on the actual field with their families.

Michael Flowers   I am impressed that he has attended every home game this year. His answers were short and to the point, not a bad thing. Mr.Flowers suggested that the dance team and the band collaborate, but that would require the band to play something contemporary. Not likely to happen.

Camie Poulos   Answered all the questions, however, I was a little disappointed that she could not think of something that needed improvement at the games. Did make mention of Coach Mike Maggiore and Mr.Bruce Leinbach, two names synonymous with Bulldog Football.

Suzanne Augino   Sort of answered my first question, and then went on to pitch herself on why she should be elected. No doubt that she has a passion for school sports, no one can lead a Booster Club (Softball) that long and not be passionate!

Her family’s accomplishments in high school sports is remarkable, and I thank her for sharing that. Just wished she would have answered question 2 and 3.

Eric Pinal    Short answers. Not convinced that he was too familiar with Bulldog Football.


*My thoughts on Mr. Monarrez statement that I quoted. I have witnessed previous star players asked to leave the sidelines, but yet faculty members can stay with family/friends on the field. There has to be a much fairer way to decide who enjoys the game from the sidelines. By the way, I do not blame the coaching staff for this.

I would like to thank all the candidates once again, and wish them all good luck today in their run for a seat on the board.

Take Care,